Why Choose a Master Combination Lock for Your Lockers

Everything you Need to Know About the Cost-Effective Locker Locks
Why Schoollock.com?
As part of Fleetwood Student Sales we have been specializing in the supply and delivery of wholesale padlocks for over 40 years.

What Makes Master Combination Locks Great?

A Master Combination lock is a cost-effective solution for schools with numerous lockers to manage. This kind of lock is highly resistant and easy to use.

Master Combination Locks are developed with top of the line features to improve user experience, such as auto scrambling to avoid locks staying accidentally open.

Master locks can be purchased in bulk to provide all locker users with an equally safe solution. Wholesale orders from Fleetwood Student Sales can be customized to make the best use of your budget.


The Advantage of Wholesale Master Combination Locks


Schools across the country choose to take full control of locker security by giving high quality locks to all users. Rather than purchasing from retailers, they can contact a wholesale provider and make a custom order that fits all user needs.

Financially, schools can make a smarter use of their budget by making a wholesale order. The reason is that an expert distributor can suggest the best product for your school's particular needs. Combination Locks offer a wide range of features, including color, size and shackle length.

One of the main advantages of wholesale lock orders is that expert distributors have a wide selection of products to choose from. This means that each school can make an order that truly fits their locker and user needs. Plus, probabilities of needing repeat purchases to replace damaged locks are lower.

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Your Combination Master Lock Options
Master Combination locks are easy to configure and use. The leading manufacturer keeps improving their products to offer a competitive option. For example, adding the auto scrambling feature and alternative key access, which comes in handy in case of combination loss or supervisory purposes.
Master Built-in locks are one of the most popular non portable solutions in the market. The user friendly locks come with 5 preset 3 digit passwords, which can easily be changed. Built-in master locks are ideal for lift handle lockers and offer customizable dials in Red, Blue, Green, Purple and Black.
Long shackle combination locks are one of the best selling options in the locker security market. They fit numerous locker models and are really easy to use. They resist students wear and tear, becoming the 'go to' option for school authorities.
Who Needs Master Combination Locks?

School authorities looking for a high quality product to distribute among locker users. Combination locks are reliable security solutions and contribute to schools' safety environment.

Education providers in need of a cost-effective order to fulfill the needs of a large number of users. Specialized locker security distributors have the experienced to help schools make smart orders.

Schools, gyms and other institutions with a large number of lockers to manage. Master locks are highly resistant, however, they are very practical and easy to configure.

School authorities concerned with providing a safe environment, which can be achieved by providing the appropriate security mechanisms.

Our Combination Lock Specs

We are recognized as a reliable and experienced locker lock provider. As such, we understand the locker security challenges most schools face. Our catalog includes a wide range of portable and built-in combination locks for school authorities to choose from. Customizable features include safety features like auto scrambling technology, as well as multiple shackle lengths, alternative key access, ADA compliant locks and several colors.

As proud Master Lock distributors, our goal is to give the end user a high quality tool to protect their belongings. As well as helping school directors improve their existing locker lock security systems at a competitive price. Our products are suitable for schools, gyms, dressing rooms and any establishment with a large number of lockers to keep an eye on. Ask our customer service team to help you make a smart order and make the most of your budget.

Comparing Available Master Combination Locks
Master Lock 1525

  • World's best selling combination lock
  • Patent Pending BlockGuard® Anti-Shim Technology
  • Convenient combination chart
  • Control key for supervisory access
  • 1-7/8" (48mm) double-reinforced stainless steel body
  • 3/4" (19mm) hardened steel shackle
  • 3-digit dialing
  • Automatic scrambling
Masterlock 1690

  • Automatic deadbolt locking
  • 3-digit combination dial
  • 5 pre-set combinations, easily changeable
  • Custom metal dials available in Red, Blue, Green, Purple or Black
  • Designed for single point latch lockers
  • Model 1695MKADA includes ADA applications
  • U.S. Patent No. 7,984,630 and other U.S. and foreign patents-pending
Masterlock 2002

  • Top of the line security combination lock
  • Easy lock system administration
  • 2-3/16" (55mm) wide double-armored stainless steel body
  • 1" (25mm) hardened shackle offers full handling resistance
  • Prying and rapping prevention with double ball bearing locking
  • 3-number dialing with automatic scrambling
Why buy Master Combination Locks in Bulk?

By contacting an expert provider, schools make an order that is specially designed for their existing lockers. It is a smart way to take care of numerous users at once, because bulk orders can also be customized. Cost-effective locker security solutions save significant amounts of monetary resources and time for those responsible for private property protection.

Our experience can help you identify your locker needs and provide users with a truly reliable tool to make their daily routines easier. Schoollock.com offers highly competitive prices for quality products, giving school authorities the possibility to use their budget wisely.

By ordering in bulk, you can also include ADA compliant locks and make sure no users are left out. These locks are activated with a single user key, so those with special needs can also protect their lockers. Master Combination Locks wholesale orders are ideal for school boards and managers to take an active role protecting students.

Quick Facts About School Safety
non fatal victimizations happened in schools during 2012. NCES statistics lists thefts as part of these events
52 of every
1,000 students suffered private property thefts during 2012. Bureau of Justice Statistics reported the amount increased from 2010 records
students between the ages of 12 and 18 years old suffered thefts in 2010. Dosomething.com reported 800,000 nonfatal victimizations.
Fleetwood ebony porn Student Sales, Inc.

With over 40 years in the business, Fleetwood Student Sales is a leading Master Lock distributor. Our full line of combination locks offer an affordable solution to all your school's lock needs. Painless Master Lock™ program for schools.

When looking for a locker lock solution for your school or district you want to deal with the master in lock solutions. Fleetwood Student Sales has been delivering locks, from the finest lock brands in the world for more than thirty years.

Fleetwood is the largest Master Lock distributor east of the Mississippi because we offer simple, straight-forward solutions for your student lock needs.

Once we have done business with you the first time, we remember you and make it easy for you to reorder or to order anew for the next school year. Over 60 percent of our customers have done business with us for more than five years because we know what we are doing and how to make our customers happy.

How can Fleetwood Student Sales suggest the best padlock?
The decision depends on your needs and existing lockers. Our catalog includes several options, like different shackle lengths, dial or keyed access locks, portable and built-in models. Long shackle padlocks are some of the most popular options, because they fit a larger number of lockers than short shackle locks. We also provide hi-tech combination locks, with features like auto scrambling to make sure the lock doesn't accidentally stay open.
Why should schools distribute locks instead of asking students to purchase their own?
Because this is a great way to take full control over private property protection on campus. School authorities have the responsibility to make students and staff members feel safe, which is not an easy task, but it can be easier with the right tools. Distributing locker locks is also a direct way to make sure every locker user has the appropriate lock to protect it with. Padlocks can make school authorities' lives easier, as they are a great contribution towards campus safety.
Why are some Master Combination Locks also accessed by key?
This is a convenient feature that some locks include to improve user experience. It can be very handy in case of combination loss. Furthermore, it is also ideal for supervisory purposes, because parents or authorized individuals can open the lockers whenever needed. Such access alternative does not mean anyone would be able to access students' personal items, they would need to have the appropriate key to open the combination lock.
I contacted the Fleetwood Student Sales team for locker security advice a couple of months ago. The customer service staff was very friendly and helped me evaluate the school's situation and needs. We got a quote and were pleasantly surprised with the competitive prices! Great choice!
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