How to Choose High Quality Locker Locks

The Wholesale Solution for Your School Lockers

As part of Fleetwood Student Sales we have been specializing in the supply and delivery of wholesale padlocks for over 40 years.

What Makes a Great Locker Lock?

Locker locks help protect private property and users’ belongings. Schools need high quality products, able to resist student’s wear and tear.

There are great locks for each kind of locker and can be customized in various colors.

Locker locks include many options, such as combination locks, key padlocks, built in locks and ADA compliant locks.


The Advantage of Wholesale Locker Locks

By purchasing in bulk, schools are able to provide a solution for all locker users, Including students and staff members. Having a high quality tool will make them feel secure and make daily tasks easier.

Bulk orders mean better prices. But you will not only save big, you will also control the quality standards of your student’s locks. Purchasing a reliable product from the start will prevent you from having to spend money replacing damaged padlocks.

Several padlock models offer customizable options. For example, you can order different colors to identify school areas and separate staff padlocks from student padlocks.


Locker Locks Options
High Security Combination Locks allow each user to set their access combination. They are available in short and long shackles to adapt to every kind of locker. Some high security combination locks allow alternative key access, which can be used for supervision purposes.

Built-in Masterlock locks provide convenient and automatic locking. You can order custom dials in Red, Blue, Green, Purple or Black. It comes with 5 preset 3 digit passwords, which you can easily change by yourself. This is the ideal option for standard lift handle lockers.

Built-in Keyed Locks include a 5-pin tumbler cylinder for top of the line security. Each of the locks come with two keys and there is an ADA option available. Built-in keyed locks fit lift handle and single point horizontal latches.

Who Needs Wholesale Locker Locks?

School boards looking for a high quality product to fit their needs and standards. Any product that is exposed to student’s wear and tear needs to be highly resistant and backed up by provider’s guarantee.

Institution authorities in need of a cost-efficient solution for locker protection. Specialized locker security companies can offer competitive prices that retailers can’t.

School, gyms and education providers in general. These institutions need a large number of reliable padlocks to protect users’ belongings.

Responsibles for any large institution or establishments with a large number of lockers. Distributing high quality padlocks keeps them in control of the security methods employed by locker users.

Our Locker Locks Specs

Our catalog ranges from standard key padlocks to specialized ADA compliant locks. There is a suitable lock for each locker. Our combination locks offer customizable dials, secure shackles and resistant materials. Some of them even allow alternative key access, ideal for those who forget their combinations or for supervision purposes.

With our built-in locks, there will be no risk of misplacing a padlock. They work with both combination and keyed systems. A quality that makes them an ideal choice for schools, athletic centers and any institution looking for a fixed locker lock solution.

Comparing Available Locker Locks

American Lock A400

  • Versatile locks, perfect for school lockers, bicycles and cabinets
  • Stainless steel case
  • Three-digits combination dial
  • Available with key control for supervisory access
  • BlockGuard® Anti-Shim Technology
  • Flat latch that deters shimming
  • Automatic scrambler
  • 1-7/8″(48mm) wide x 3/4″ (19mm) thick body; 9/32″ (7mm) diameter


Masterlock 1710

  • Compatible with lift handle, single point horizontal latch and box locker
  • 5-pin tumbler cylinder
  • Manual deadbolt locking
  • End user registration to guarantee key system integrity
  • Master Key, Group Key and Keyed Different Options available
  • ADA options also available
  • 2 keys per lock


Masterlock 2002

  • Top of the line security combination lock
  • Easy lock system administration
  • 2-3/16″ (55mm) wide double-armored stainless steel body
  • 1″ (25mm) hardened shackle offers full handling resistance
  • Prying and rapping prevention with double ball bearing locking
  • 3-number dialing with automatic scrambling

Why buy Wholesale Locker Locks?

Purchasing locker locks from retailers is not convenient enough for schools and large athletic establishments. A wholesale order from a specialized provider means big savings and optimum performance guarantee. School budgets call for high quality products to avoid repeat purchases throughout the academic year.

One of the main advantages of ordering from is that you get highly competitive prices for a specially designed group of products. As proud Masterlock, Digilock and American Lock products, we can help you find the best solution for your locker needs. Our catalog includes combination padlocks, built-in locks, long and short shackle padlocks and keyed products.

ADA compliant locks are also available, so you can also assign a locker lock solution for users with special needs. The locks are activated with a single user key that works with a single touch.

Quick Facts About Locker Locks

students were theft victims in American schools during 2012. The Institute of Education Sciences qualifies them as nonfatal types of victimization, meaning no violence was involved.

of every 1,000 students suffered some kind of victimization like private property theft at school during 2012. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the number included students between 12 and 18 and it was higher than the 2010 record.

Safety Tip:
The National Crime Prevention Company recommends teens to lock their lockers at all times. Measures include avoiding to share their padlock combinations and locking their gym lockers, as they tend to be unattended.

Fleetwood Student Sales, Inc.

With over 40 years in the business, Fleetwood Student Sales is a leading Master Lock distributor. Our full line of combination locks offer an affordable solution to all your school’s lock needs. Painless Master Lock™ program for schools.

When looking for a locker lock solution for your school or district you want to deal with the master in lock solutions. Fleetwood Student Sales has been delivering locks, from the finest lock brands in the world for more than thirty years.

Fleetwood is the largest Master Lock distributor east of the Mississippi because we offer simple, straight-forward solutions for your student lock needs.

Once we have done business with you the first time, we remember you and make it easy for you to reorder or to order anew for the next school year. Over 60 percent of our customers have done business with us for more than five years because we know what we are doing and how to make our customers happy.

How do I Know Which Padlock is Best for my Lockers?

There are plenty of locker lock options to choose from. The first thing you need to do is identify the needs of your existing lockers. For example, check if a short shackle padlock would fit or if you need to order one with long shackle instead. Some lockers are designed to fit only built-in locks. If you are not sure of what you need, call a representative at 1.877.562.5755 so they can guide you through the decision making process.

Why Should Schools Provide Locker Locks for all Students?

Because it provides school authorities with the piece of mind that users have the most suitable tool to make good use of the lockers. It also helps maintain quality standards and provides all students with an equal safety mechanism for their private property. Additionally, wholesale orders are cheaper than retail purchases and there are fewer probabilities for unexpected product damage, requiring repeat purchases.

Why Should Private Property be a Concern for School Authorities?

Because providing a safe environment for students is one of the most important tasks of any educational institution director. Academic plans and health conditions should be accompanied by a suitable environment for students. School lockers are the responsibility test many kids experience. Taking care of their belongings trains them for future tasks and privacy challenges.

I have ordered wholesale padlocks from for 2 years in a row. I find their staff very helpful and keen to providing a customized locks solution. My students are no longer dealing with low quality products or seeking for replacements.
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